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Neupogen (Filgrastim) Drug Information: Description, User ...:  Filgrastim is a human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF)?? produced by recombinant DNA technology. NEUPOGEN?? is the Amgen Inc. trademark for Filgrastim?? which has been selected as the name for recombinant methionyl??...  Url:

Niazi of Therapeutic Proteins hopes to make a biosimilar of ...:  The drugs are known as biosimilars, and he is hoping to launch the first in the U.S. Mr. Niazi's company, Therapeutic Proteins International LLC, is working on a biosimilar of Amgen Inc.'s Neupogen, a daily injection that??...  Url:

The Cost of Neupogen: Treating the Side Effects of Chemo ...:  One of the side effects which can turn to be very dangerous is low white blood cell count. That makes the patient more susceptible to infection. Neupogen is a drug often prescribed by doctors that fights against this side effect??...  Url:

Treatments for a Low Neutrophil Count After Chemo: What Is ...:  Neupogen is a drug made from a synthetic protein demonstrated to stimulate production of white blood cells in the human body. It is administered by injection or infusion by a medical professional or by patients taught to inject??...  Url:

2014-06-07 Second Neupogen- and a well documented ...:  I had a blood draw and my second Neupogen shot this morning. The 'counts are up': White Blood Cells had risen from 6.56 yesterday to 32.79 today. My nurse told me that those are counts they normally see in healthy donors.  Url:

Fertility Solutions: Neupogen and Treating Autoimmune ...:  Dr. Rob Kiltz, Founder and Director of CNY Fertility Center, with locations in Syracuse, Albany and Rochester, NY, speaks with Lisa Stack, our Support Coordinator, in the video below about Neupogen and treating??...  Url:

Neupogen - Cancer:  Neupogen is a medication that is used to prevent infections due to bone marrow transplant or chemotherapy. This eMedTV article further explains what Neupogen is used for, describes the effects of the drug, and offers general dosing??...  Url:

More Trifusion Catheter Fun (or ???How 'n heck do I shower ...:  Tomorrow we begin the fun, fun adventure of daily self-injections of Neupogen. Neupogen will increase my white cell counts but more importantly, it will stimulate stem cell production???which is vital because I'm slated to have??...  Url:

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