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Tuna Factory Death: Man Dies After Being Cooked in a ...:  Jose Melena, 62, has been identified as the man who died in a steamer at a tuna factory last week. Melena was working in the Bumble Bee processing plant in Santa fe Springs, California when he somehow was cooked to??...  Url:

Tuna Worker Cooked To Death On The Job Identified ?? CBS ...:  SANTA FE SPRINGS ( ??? Friends and family gathered Sunday evening to mourn the loss of a tuna factory worker killed in an accident at a processing plant last week. The worker, now identified as 62-year-old??...  Url:

Tuna factory worker's death still mysterious | Doubtful News:  A horrible story about an industrial accident Mystery over Bumble Bee tuna worker cooked to death continues Authorities are still trying to solve the.  Url:

Employee Cooked to Death at Tuna Factory | FOX40:  SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. (KTLA) ??? Authorities are investigating after an employee at a seafood plant was found dead in an oven, company officials said Saturday. Read more at  Url:

Tuna Factory Death: Worker Fatally Cooked in Steamer ...:  A worker in a tuna factory was cooked alive in one of the machines.  Url:

Tuna factory death: Bumble Bee Foods says product was ...:  Bumble Bee Foods operating in Santa Fe Springs, California, released a statement October 15 saying its tuna products were not compromised after the death of one of its workers. An employee was found cooked to death in??...  Url:

Tuna factory worker steamed to death | CW39 NewsFix:  WILMINGTON, CA ??? A Bumble Bee Tuna Factory is in some hot water. If you thought dolphins were the only ones to worry about, think again. An employee at the Santa Fe Springs, California factory was steamed to death.  Url:

Employee Cooked to Death at Bumble Bee Tuna Plant ...:  A 62-year-old employee of Bumble Bee Foods was "cooked to death" at the seafood company's L.A.-based processing plant. Jose Melena was trapped in the factory's pressure cooker last Thursday morning and pronounced??...  Url:

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